Healing ancestral karma
Get rid of the negative influence of your ancestors
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"Oranges will not be born from an aspen", "an apple does not fall far from an apple tree" - we all heard these phrases addressed to us, and we ourselves often notice that we act the same way as our parents, grandparents. And someone says: "In our family, there is bad karma along the female line — we always meet the wrong men!"

And either is true. In our blood there are genes of 7 tribes of our kind, i.e. 127 people with their own life scenarios, each of them is responsible for a separate area of ​​​​our life — for money, for love, for luck, for what we will bring to this world.
In esotericism, these genes are called the Karma of the Sort. They control our actions and thoughts and they determine how we will live this life.

The karma of the clan often contains negative scenarios of our ancestors, and we repeat them from time to time, we step on the same rake and do not understand how to change it. It is impossible to determine which of the 127 people in the family influences us most negatively. Therefore, in order to get rid of any imposed scenarios, it is necessary to reprimand the entire family, to clear the baggage of generations, which was not passed on to us of our will.

What will happen to you
Already during the healing ancestral karma, you will receive obvious signals that you are on the right track, life circumstances will change rapidly
  • You will feel a surge of energy
  • Family relationships will improve
  • Family relationships will improve
  • The quality of life in all areas will improve significantly
After healing ancestral karma, you will easily manage your life!
For whom is this lesson?
The healing ancestral karma is a basic practice for anyone who wants to start living differently. Suitable for everyone without exception
Healing ancestral karma
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